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Introducing Author Brenda Perlin

Brenda Perlin is an independent adult contemporary fiction author. Brenda evokes emotional responses in her readers by using a provocatively unique writing style. Her latest book, Home Wrecker, captures the soul-wrenching conflicts of a personal struggle for emotional fulfillment.
Ever since Brenda was a child she has been fascinated with writing. She draws her biggest inspiration from Judy Blume. This sparked a passion in Brenda to pursue personal expression through writing. Once she was old enough to go to coffee shops alone, Brenda recalls losing herself in the world of writing, all while documenting her ideas on paper napkins.
"There is really no creative process, I just write," - Brenda Perlin

Brenda's first book, Home Wrecker, was published with Master Koda Select Publishing. Within a short time, the book developed a strong fan base and is continuing to grow as it both entertains its readers and leaves them in a state of profound thought. In the near future, Brenda would like to have Home Wrecker expanded into a trilogy in order to tell the untold stories of her characters.

Amazon Reviews:
*From the moment I started reading this book I knew I was going to like it. Little did I know by the end of the book I would fall in love with it.
 *I really enjoyed this book...not just for the story but for the way it took me back to memories of my own life growing up in Los Angeles in the 80's. Hard to believe this is the author's first book... it's written with such a heartfelt combination of candor, humility and humor. I'd definitely recommend it!
*From the moment I began reading, I didn't want to put it down.

Home Wrecker I (Home Wrecker Chronicles)

"Throughout Brooklyn’s life, she felt like she was on an endless journey toward redemption and she would have to be stronger than she ever imagined; do things she never felt herself capable of doing. When she finally found her soul mate, he came with one big snag: a wife. Brooklyn found herself fighting off her soon to be ex-husband and her lover’s wife. She knew what she was doing was wrong and yet… she couldn’t turn back. No matter how much pain she may cause, it was too late. Brooklyn and Bo, each unhappily married to others, must decide whether to stay with their spouses or give up everything for their love. Brooklyn’s husband and Bo’s wife would try everything to break them apart and it was then Brooklyn finally confronted her own demons and came clean with everything and everyone in her life… even herself."




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Spring is in the Air!


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Sunshine creeps in your window and a gentle breeze billows your curtains softly. The smell of lavender and honeysuckle soon drift into your nostrils and before you know it you're wide awake. Did that really happen last night, you wonder? You must of had one glass of wine too many.


Slowly you close your eyes and you visualize his face again. He takes your breath away just like last night when he kissed you. Should you have told him it had been years since you had been kissed? Probably not. No use making him feel sorry for you. Your lips still feel bruised from his passionate kisses. You remember how weak your knees were when he held you and you slow danced in front of the firelight. You hadn't danced with anyone in quite awhile. How could he know you needed to be held and to be loved again?


Did he know how good his hands felt in the small of your back when he pulled you to him? You never even realized he was anything more than a friend until this moment, this perfect spell binding moment when he captured your heart.


The day had started out so badly with everything hitting you all at once. You wondered how your life had gotten so far off track with the loss of your marriage and then having that horrible car accident. Could anyone be more needier than you? You sit up in bed and take a deep breath.


Quietly you get out of bed and walk over to the bathroom mirror and suddenly you blush. You just remembered the bath. Oh my goodness, you gasp as your hand flies to your mouth. He undressed you and put you in the tub when you were a sobbing hot mess of tears. His gentle touch and his kindness nearly had you undone with passion. Passion you hadn't felt in quite a while.


Your fingers brush your lips as you relive the taste of his mouth,the smell of his hair and the strength of his strong arms holding you in a tight embrace.You get dizzy just thinking of it. Even though you had scars from the accident, he said you were beautiful and you would never grow old to him.


Didn't he sound just like the perfect man? You think so, except for the fact he is blind. He is as capable as any man with sight as far as you are concerned. How could you be so lucky? Tentatively, you walk over to the window and inhale deeply. Spring is in the air. Anything could happen right?


The silence is shattered by the sharp ring. You walk over and grab the phone while you peruse the book opened up on your nightstand.


It's your best friend and she asks you what you are doing tonight.You laugh as your daydream fades and you close the book entitled, Radiance:Love after Death. You remember falling to sleep after a glass of wine and reading this sultry bath scene with a guy named David who was blind and the woman he falls in love with.


While she talks about her plans you are already scanning the next chapter in the book. She wants to know if you want to go out shopping tonight.


You pause and smile. "Actually, I have a date with a blind man."


You hang up the phone and close your eyes.Oh yes... I do I do!


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Dance Anyone?

The Romance Dance 
                  by Debra Jayne East

Romance. What exactly does the word romance mean? I looked it up in the dictionary and these are some of the definitions it had; love affair, physical affair, spirit of adventure, fascination with something, story of love, love stories collectively, fictitious account.
What?!! Fictitious account? I laughed at that one, but it so describes what it’s all about for women and men {yes, I said men!} that read romance novels. In reality, reading romance is all those things and more and I want to talk about how they can contribute to the “romance dance” between real relationships in a good way. After being married, or in a long-term relationship, things can get boring and predictable. Change is what spices it up. In my research, I came up with the following conclusion, which says it loud and clear. Romance books fulfill a need and are here to stay! That’s why Stephanie Meyer’s books have generated 2.5 billion in worldwide ticket sales even though people have read the books and know what is going to happen! Here are five things that romance does for us.

1. Euphoria. We love the feeling of euphoria! One of the best things about love is the honeymoon period when you were first learning about each other. Books help us relive that feeling and to remember how it felt when that first kiss took place or the moment you first knew you were in love. Hey, the whole world swooned when Edward and Bella first kissed in the mega best seller, Twilight, by Stephanie Meyers.  It was awesome wasn’t it?

2. Escape. Readers love romance novels because of the “escape” it gives them. Walking around with baby spit up and oatmeal on your pants isn’t very glamorous. You might have worked fifty hours a week on your job and your husband wants to go play golf or hunting. Then you are left alone with two rowdy toddlers under five years old and a grouchy teenager that’s mad because you won’t let him get his eyebrows tinted purple. Romance stories transport us away from our everyday environment to far away historical settings like maybe a beautiful English castle in Scotland or romantic  hideaway in the mountains. The heroines may look like you’ve always wanted to look: fancy ball gowns, perfect figures to die for and have a prince charming that looks like he just walked off a photo shoot from GQ. Where as our own mates may wear the same old jeans, have bad haircuts or gained too many holiday pounds in all the wrong places just as we have. It’s nice to pretend and say what if…

3. Happy Endings. We’d be fooling ourselves if we said all our lives were perfect and we had great relationships. Most all romance stories have a happily ever after. Sometimes it might take a few sequels to get there but you’re almost always guaranteed a fairytale ending. As women and men we need that in our lives. Life is not perfect but it’s a relief to dwell somewhere that it is even if it’s just in our minds. It’s a great stress reliever.

4. Fantasy. Are you a soft-spoken homemaker who goes to PTA meetings and bakes cookies? Maybe you dream about being swept off your feet by a big burly motorcycle guy on a Harley? Or perhaps you fantasize about being the bell of the ball in a daring gown you would never wear in real life and being ravished the first night you meet. You would never ever do that in real life. It can certainly light your fire though! It takes us away from our lives and transports us to other realms and dimensions, all for the price of a few bucks. Cheap therapy huh?

5. Spice up a Relationship. Men would do well to know what their wives and girlfriends like romantically. Wonder why women don’t ever want to have sex? Maybe a few clues would help. One way to find out is to read a few of their romance books. Maybe, just maybe, the kinky stuff that Christian did in 50 Shades of Grey to Ana might score you the jackpot. Wives, maybe asking your husband to let you do a photo shoot of him for your personal collection dressed up like your favorite pirate might make him feel like Tom Jones incarnated. Books can revive your relationship!

So, what is the romance dance? It’s all the things we do to get romance. Reading a favorite book or watching a movie, sending flowers or giving a great back massage do wonders!
I do remember once time about a friend of mine complaining that his wife always had her head stuck in a book. As far as reading romance books, men should never complain about women reading too much romance. You become her romance novel and see if she does not want you before she ever picks up a book!
 Speaking of romance, my paranormal love story, Radiance: Love after Death has received great reviews from men and women. You can read the first two chapters for free in the look inside feature on Amazon and decide for yourself and well, there’s this one scene where he puts a blindfold on her while she’s in the tub and ah…well...I don’t want to spoil it for you. {Try it you might like it!} Hey, reading it is a good thing. It will help you get your dance on. Enjoy!

Something strange was happening in Lily Dale. Marena Jacobs went there to search for the one true man that she loved. David had vanished over a year ago and she was beginning to think he was gone forever. The small scrap of paper with angelic script was all she had to go on.

 Gabe, a man with psychic abilities befriends Marena and they stumble upon an incredible secret about the town’s people that no one would ever believe.

Gabe’s abilities are no match for Samuel though, who has powers of his own.  He is from an ancient sect of fallen angels called the Nephilim, and his one goal is to seduce Marena and destroy the love she has for David.

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Why Aren't You Getting Published?

A special thank you to Miss Debra Jayne East for having us as her guest today. She was very gracious to squeeze us in on her calendar! Mwah!

5 Secrets to Increase Your Chances of Getting Published

As authors-turned-editors, we’ve learned a number of truths we wish we’d known when we were authors. Though this article is based on our own experiences as small press editors, many of our colleagues—Big 6 included—wholeheartedly agree with the following points.

 However, not many of them are willing to share such information. They vehemently shake their heads and exclaim, “No! Don’t tell an author THAT!” When we ask why, they usually stare at us as if we’re daft. “Just don’t!” (AJ & Arial lean in…Pssst! We’re going to reveal some of those secrets. Don’t tell anyone or we’ll be in big trouble! Shhh!”)

Secret #1—Editors Are NOT Rich

As authors, we thought all editors were paid via salary. At a minimum, we assumed they were paid a large chunk of money per book when the manuscript was contracted. Then we became editors—GASP!
Most editors with publishing houses either get paid royalties—meaning they ONLY get paid IF the book sells—or a small flat fee based on word count. Example: a 30,000-word manuscript x 1¢ per word = $300…but the editor usually spends anywhere from 40-50 hours to put out a quality product. You do the math. We’re talking less than minimum wage. And though we editors may have anywhere from 5-50 authors under our belt, we’re usually only working on 2-5 manuscripts at a time due to our many other duties (See AJ’s article Waiting For Edits… Tick… Tock…”).
So what’s the big secret that affects you? This is a KEY factor in getting your manuscript contracted and why it’s #1 on the list. The less time an editor spends on a manuscript, the more bang she gets for her buck. Editors are looking for stories that are clean, easy to edit, and worth spending time on. Remember…your job as an author is to learn your craft. Which brings us to the next secret…

Secret #2—They Don’t Call It the Slush Pile for Nothing

MOST of the manuscripts that come across our desks are CRAP! We are not kidding and this was a surprise to us, too. And we’re not just talking about the book. We’re talking query letter to synopsis to finished manuscript.
 So how do you seriously stick out amongst the kah-kah and craft something sparkly clean? KNOW YOUR CRAFT! We cannot stress this enough. Never stop studying the craft of writing and find a good critique partner who will be brutally honest with you. And we’ll share two bonus secrets—the two biggest trouble spots in 99% of manuscripts submitted to us are show versus tell and unrealistic characters.
Herein lies the rub: If authors are getting form-letter rejections, how do they know what (or how) to fix their manuscripts? That’s where we come in. We have three classes that will help you overcome the above issues AND you will have one-on-one interaction with an editor to learn what you’re doing wrong—not just in these but in other areas, as well: Show versus Tell (SVT) Class Series, Crafting Believable Characters (CBC) Class Series (coming this fall/winter), and How to Write a WINNING Synopsis Power Class. If you’ve never been published, then this valuable interaction with an editor will shave DECADES off your learning curve. No joke.

Secret #3—We Are NOT Looking for an Excuse to Stop Reading

Several agents seem to give this same advice to authors. “Editors are looking for any excuse to stop reading. Your job is to not give them ANY excuses.” Though we clung to those words as if our life depended on it as authors, we were really offended to hear this as editors. We imagined an editor reading a query letter, getting to the part that didn’t appeal to her and collapsing back in her chair. “Oh thank GOD I can stop reading!” WRONG!
Editors are NOT looking for any excuse to stop reading. We are BEGGING to find a good story! (Refer to Secret #2) We’re on your side! We WANT to find characters to fall in love with and worlds we can escape to and storylines that will keep us up all night, wildly flipping pages, dying to know what happens next! We don’t do this job because of the money (refer to Secret #1). We’re editors because we love to read and we love stories.
Now…for the next secret you should sit down. This is going to be quite a shock.

Secret #4—Editors are NOT Gods

We’ll give you a moment to recover. (AJ and Arial pat your hand empathetically.) You okay now? Good. Editors are human beings just like authors so do not put them on a pedestal.

There are indeed some editors who enjoy the “Deity” status and therefore abuse the power. Yes, we are the gate keepers of your manuscript, but in all honestly there are editors out there who don’t know their tushies from a hole in the ground. We were surprised to find out how many editors—Big 6 or otherwise—really don’t know their job well enough to do it properly and consequently we cringe at some of the stuff we read. And make no mistake—we’re learning more every day, so we’re not perfect either. This is why it’s important to know your craft…so you know what to defend in your manuscript and can have an educated discussion with your editor when she suggests a change you feel is wrong.

Authors are not dogs at the table, scrambling for scraps any publisher is willing to throw to the ground…even though that’s what publishing houses might want you to think. Why? If you think you are one of the very few select authors granted a rare audience through the pearly gates of publishing, you will value the tiny royalties you are paid.

You’re Not Alone
 Mystical Press Services primary goal is to help authors bridge the gap between the form-letter rejection and publication. Through our services and classes, we will coach you—one-on-one—through the problem spots in your manuscript. ALL customers receive a FREE consultation on their work and we’ll help you pinpoint what needs improvement.
If you visit our site, be sure to tell us this blog article referred you so your hostess will be recognized.

We want your feedback. What surprises, if any, did this article have for you? How do you think knowing this information will change your writing or the way you submit to publishers? Are you motivated to self-publish? Why or why not? Or do you think we’re just full of hooey? Please be honest. We encourage you to share some of your experiences with rejection letters, self-publishing or the publishing industry. OR if you have any questions, ask away! If you leave a comment or question, we’ll enter you in a drawing for a $25 eGift good toward any services or classes at our website. Good luck and thanks for participating!

Editor Bios

 Mystical Press is the culmination of two authors and professionally trained editors—Arial Burnz and AJ Nuest—who help authors bridge the gap between the form rejection letter and publication. In fact, we believe in this venture so passionately, our tagline is “Helping authors achieve their dreams.” Come dream with us!

Thanks ladies for a great post! Commenting will also give people a chance to win a free e-copy of my book Radiance:Love after Death as part of my Halloween blast. Winner will be announced for the book on Halloween night. The $25.00 egift card to be announced on October 18th.

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In my quest to help other writers, I have come across some incredible promotions that I believe stand out among the rest. You can always pay people to do things for you if you have lots of money, but every beginning writer knows that's not usually the case. Every day, new things arise and I always try to take advantage if it sounds good. You have to be careful though, there are sites that are just after money and you usually will find that out very fast. Most good promotion sites want you for an ulterior purpose. They want your book to draw business to their site where paid advertisers hawk their products or perhaps the page owner himself has something their selling. As long as it is a legitimate business or site it's really a win win situation.You both help each other. also it never hurts to be kind, share and tweet. Kindness reaps its own kind of free promo. So, with that being said, if you like this post and learn something from it could you go back and share it on your page? I'll be giving A's for that, lol.

 1. Ask David! I would love for you to check out my new promotion of my book,  Radiance:Love after Death and community reviews on a great new book promotion site called Ask David! It takes a while to fill out all the questions they want from you, but they want to do a great job. I'm talking about your promo, your book trailers, and ALl your links and more! What does David ask for in return? He appreciates it if you "like" his site (or your page) on Facebook, tweet about it, Google+ it, or give him a backlink on your book's website. Since all of those things help to promote your book as well, I would jump on this right away since it's a great free promo site.
2. Writing~ has a great site to promo your book and a list of free writers resources that are a mile long. Here is a list of some of the info you will find there plus you can sign up for a free news letter.
#The Inquiring Writer, where readers help readers with answers to questions about writing, marketing, promotion, and the writing life
# Free Stuff for Writers - a guide to no-cost writing resources on the Web
# The Writing Desk - Tips and advice for writers
# Jobs, Opportunities and Markets # Writing Contests around the world that have no entry fee
# News from the writing and publishing world.

3. Book Blogs has a lot of great things where members read books, blog books, write books, and publicize books.There is a discussion board, a leaderboards, groups, events and much more.You will spend hours there!                                      
 4. As a child, we use to take turns giving each other piggy back rides. You can do that with other authors as well, so to speak. Team up with other authors to promote your books! After your book’s website is up and running, promote your book website by asking other authors for a linkback to your webpage in exchange for a link to their page, because the more links Google and the other web search engines find to your page, the higher your page will be in the search results. There is info you need to consider before hand and these exchange tips make a good rule of thumb. Here is a list of three top sites to get you started. How does it maximize your Amazon ratings? Check here.

5. Addicted to Books has a few rules to abide by, like no erotica and it has to be under $5.99 but still it's free and a good resource to tout your book.

6. How about blasting your own book cover on t-shirts, coffee mugs or perhaps a tote? Cafe Press will let you design and sell your own things for FREE when you set up your own virtual store on their site, no charge of course. It's actually fun and your kids or friends can promo for you free of charge. They make great birthday gifts and hey you will make money from it as well!
7. TwitrL  serves up book teasers twice daily. At about 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM Eastern Time,the first line of a book, without the author's name or book title, but with a link to Amazon so readers can see what book the line is from.The posts are also available for subscription via RSS, Twitter, and email. On their site you will find the Canadian and UK versions of TwitrLit link to and respectively.
8. Facebook Events has dozens of launches daily.These are becoming more and more popular these days. Just go to the left side of your profile and click on events.You should have some invitations for different things already but you can schedule your own.  There are like parties, book releases, book signings, contest and the list goes on and on. You'd be crazy not to take advantage of this deal. One like event added over 200 likes to my fan page in 24 hours and you know... I was okay with that, lol.

 9. Announce your book signing for free in the community events page in your local newspaper. Scores of people look at that every day and if you say you will give away one free copy of your book or a free bookmark etc. you will be surprised at how many people show up.

10. Host your own Blog Talk Radio Show show, be interviewed or have your own internet tv show! Radio is a wonderful format to talk about your book, your future events and to interview other authors or be interviewed.You can listen to my radio interview here: Candy O'Donnell Blog Talk Radio. I also love Justin tv which steps it up if you want to broadcast your face. Personally, I like not putting on make up or doing my hair, lol. More time for writing and feeding the kiddies! Well, I hope you like my list. If you have any you want to share or to make a comment I'd be thrilled. In the meantime, check out my my book and social sites. Until next time, happy promoting!

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10 Hot Tips to Promote on Facebook

Wow, besides having my children, becoming an author was the thrill of my life ! When I saw my book on my XOXO Publisher’s web site and then on Amazon, I thought I was queen for a day ten times over! As any good writer knows, the hard part has only just started when you publish your book, because then there’s the dreaded p word ~ promotion!

If I knew then, what I know now, I’d be a lot richer and have another book under my belt! Promotion takes time and experience so, I have decided to share with you the things I have learned in the easiest element of promotion for me, which is Facebook. Why is it my favorite? Because you can easily erase a post if you screw up, unlike e-mail that once it’s gone and you just realize you have two typo’s of the same word—too late! Been there done that. Nothing like egg on your face as a new writer, you get use to it!

I’d like to share my research and fun things I have learned that will help make your life a little easier when promoting.

1. Add a picture! When you write something and you want to get it noticed, add something to feast your eyes on! You can only post your book cover so many times before people get tired of seeing it. Alternate it occasionally with a ‘beautiful’ picture. I have had great success with images from Photobucket {there are other sites also} and have gained another target audience that I never realized I had… men!  Actually men and women have both commented on the pictures I have used with my promos. I choose what I call fantasy pictures, which I feel are very romantic and alluring {not sleazy, there is a difference} and it has been very effective in getting readers interested in what I have to say. I have had several men read and review my book because of it. Don’t believe me? See the difference in your views. Put two post an hour apart saying the same thing, but on one of them attach a picture. In twenty-four hours check each post on the left hand bottom side of your fan page. It definitely works!
I am posting an example of pictures I might use to “emphasize” a promo underneath.

 2. Know your target audience! Research what groups your target market hangs out with. Are you targeting bloggers? Then search for blogging groups within Facebook and become a member. Also, what is the age group you want to attract? Google what is trending for that age group and research it. Just by becoming a member of these groups you will start seeing people from your target market actually request to be friends with you and I feel this is a great way to network and promote.

3. Be friendly and interact with the groups. 'Like' the posts of others, leave positive feedback and comments, add others as friends when you interact with them and start your 'following' from here. You may not know someone who is posting a 25th anniversary picture or a cute new puppy or new family addition, but you can take a few seconds to like or say great picture! People notice the attention!

4. Don’t lose momentum! Fans really respond to seeing content from you every day. If you can’t be available then use which will let you program your post while you are away. Facebook also has a cute little feature on the bottom left hand corner shaped like a tiny clock. You can click on that to schedule your post also. Another tip is to post things relevant to your content, for example, my book, Radiance: Love after Death, deals with women who are suffering from depression and going through a divorce. I write uplifting little tag lines of encouragement and always attach a picture. Do you write stories about dragons or wolves? You got it! Start posting those pics and watch interest increase.
4. Status Tagging. This is a fairly new feature on Facebook and is better explained by them. It will be a great way to let your friends and groups see what you have to say. Here is the link to check that out.

5. Don’t mix personal and private. This is very important. Be professional! Please keep your personal and Facebook fan page separate. I can’t stress this enough. When I see authors rant for days about their fight with their boyfriends or their political pros and cons I am so turned off. Also stay away from the negative and gross pictures. What do I mean? Don’t be sharing pictures of your terrible black and blue bruise on your big toe to get sympathy. Remember also to not make snide comments on other people’s status updates. Negative comments get negative reactions. I saw an author post over thirty snide remarks laced with profanity about a reviewer who didn’t like her book. Needless to say, she didn’t have too many takers for reviews when her new book came out after a public display of temper. Resort to private FB or email messages and keep it out of the public eye.

6. Links and apps. Big important rule: Always attach your media links to your FB promos,  any blogs and signatures. Check them to be sure they work. One bad letter or skipped space could mean no sales! They can’t buy it, if they can’t find it! As authors, we also have a lot of content to promote on several different platforms. Besides Amazon, Twitter and LinkedIn there are dozens of others too numerous to mention. There would have to be ten of us to get it all done! Link as many as you can to conserve your time doing more important things than duplicating the same thing over and over again. To give you an example how easy it is, I will post the link to join your Facebook and Twitter accounts Next, I would like to say a brief word on some new apps Facebook has created to link authors books to their buy sites.There are apps to do almost anything. You can create a fan page, post videos or do contest to name a few. You can find a more thorough explanation of how they promote and how to add them here:

8. Spice up your author picture! Oh, my gosh! I have seen some of the most unflattering pictures of authors on their profile pics! Invest in a professional photograph or just use a photo editing site like Photomania or Pikmonkey{on Facebook apps} to spruce yourself up, to erase imperfections, add a funky frame or effect like vintage. You could even wear a hat, boa or juicy red lipstick if you want to stand out. Don’t use Aunt Sally’s pic of you at a barbecue and your hair looking unkempt and expect people to want to read your work! Just invent and have fun!

9. Be funny! People love humor! I love the someecards that people post and you can even design your own. Funny animal pictures get me every time too. See what I mean below.

10. Don’t be annoying! Do not play any of the social games on your professional Facebook page. There is nothing wrong with that, but your fans and fellow co-workers are going to get lots of game request and they won’t like that. Rule of thumb is if it bothers you, it will probably bother them. Make it a point also to not beg! We all want to say ‘Pleeese, buy my book! I’ve got nine cats and two children to feed!’ Desperate is never attractive!
I hope you have found some or all of these helpful. New things arise and become available every day so if you have found something that has been helpful to you on Facebook promotion please comment here under my social links:

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What strategies have you used to get people to like your page? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by!