Thursday, June 9, 2011

Waking up to a Empty Pillow.

Brokenhearted, alone and depressed. I have been all of those things. My heart tells me many of you have been there too. Why do we not want to break up with our spouses or boyfriends when they do wrong to us? Why do we accept the most atrocious behaviour, squash our self esteem underfoot and pretend it's acceptable when it's totally not?

Simple. It's fear.We are afraid we will end up alone.Waking up to an empty pillow is bad enough. The first morning I did was very emotional for me. During sleep you finally  get to forget for a while. Then seeing the empty pillow reminds you of your loss all over again every single morning.

 We dread even thinking about a new relationship because they might end up being worse than what we had with the other person. I thought to myself what would I do on holidays with no one to share them with? What if I get sick or what about important decisions. How would I make them alone?

 Can you live without love? I don't think so.
Experiencing happiness after a serious breakup does not have to be impossible.Their are other forms of love you can experience. The love of helping others or receiving love from your family is awesome.

 A best friend of mine lost her husband to a co-worker. She hated living alone. She finally bought her a small terrier that took up her time and gave her comfort. Every time she cried, Muffin licked her face and did her magical doggy smile. It worked. She finally gave up on crying. She didn't realize she would love having a small dog so much. Love takes on many forms and you can get it from other ways if you look for it. You can still have it in your life if you listen to your heart. Read the advice that helped me below.

1. Don't rush into another relationship. Your new beau will end up knowing more than he ever wanted to know about your ex spouse or boyfriend. You wouldn't want to hear about his ex girlfriend would you? Of course not.It takes time to heal and it won't happen overnight. Wait at least  6 to 8 months or longer, before you even go out for a casual dinner or chat. You have some healing to do.

2.Take your mind off of things. Volunteer.There are plenty of places to volunteer like the hospital, library or animal shelter. This will boost your self esteem tremendously.What are your hobbies? Find something related to your favorite things. This is a very motivational thing to do. Your local library may know of an online website that coordinates volunteers for the community. It will get you out among people again.and focus on giving to others. You will get back ten times more than you receive. Try it. It's good for the kiddo's too. It's very difficult for them also.

3.Take care of yourself! Depressed people stop caring about physical appearance and how they dress. Seek professional help if you need it. Get your hair done, try a new color or style. Do your nails. Buy a new outfit in a size you want to fit in. Start exercising even if it's just walking. Many medicare plans have a free gym membership included. Check yours to see if it's one of them. All of these things are about giving you some much needed attention. You deserve it and need it!

4. Get a hobby. Do you like to write? Then join a local writers club. Like to read? Nothing like a good romance book to get those desires flowing again. What about photography or painting? The phone book or internet  will help you find a club for everything. Need to meet more people? Go to church. Don't be a recluse. Stay around compassionate people who care for you. It will help you find yourself. After all, hearts are made to heal.They were made that way.

Got some advice ? Share it. Let's all be a part of each others recovery. What helped you heal your broken heart? You can comment below.