Saturday, September 29, 2012


In my quest to help other writers, I have come across some incredible promotions that I believe stand out among the rest. You can always pay people to do things for you if you have lots of money, but every beginning writer knows that's not usually the case. Every day, new things arise and I always try to take advantage if it sounds good. You have to be careful though, there are sites that are just after money and you usually will find that out very fast. Most good promotion sites want you for an ulterior purpose. They want your book to draw business to their site where paid advertisers hawk their products or perhaps the page owner himself has something their selling. As long as it is a legitimate business or site it's really a win win situation.You both help each other. also it never hurts to be kind, share and tweet. Kindness reaps its own kind of free promo. So, with that being said, if you like this post and learn something from it could you go back and share it on your page? I'll be giving A's for that, lol.

 1. Ask David! I would love for you to check out my new promotion of my book,  Radiance:Love after Death and community reviews on a great new book promotion site called Ask David! It takes a while to fill out all the questions they want from you, but they want to do a great job. I'm talking about your promo, your book trailers, and ALl your links and more! What does David ask for in return? He appreciates it if you "like" his site (or your page) on Facebook, tweet about it, Google+ it, or give him a backlink on your book's website. Since all of those things help to promote your book as well, I would jump on this right away since it's a great free promo site.
2. Writing~ has a great site to promo your book and a list of free writers resources that are a mile long. Here is a list of some of the info you will find there plus you can sign up for a free news letter.
#The Inquiring Writer, where readers help readers with answers to questions about writing, marketing, promotion, and the writing life
# Free Stuff for Writers - a guide to no-cost writing resources on the Web
# The Writing Desk - Tips and advice for writers
# Jobs, Opportunities and Markets # Writing Contests around the world that have no entry fee
# News from the writing and publishing world.

3. Book Blogs has a lot of great things where members read books, blog books, write books, and publicize books.There is a discussion board, a leaderboards, groups, events and much more.You will spend hours there!                                      
 4. As a child, we use to take turns giving each other piggy back rides. You can do that with other authors as well, so to speak. Team up with other authors to promote your books! After your book’s website is up and running, promote your book website by asking other authors for a linkback to your webpage in exchange for a link to their page, because the more links Google and the other web search engines find to your page, the higher your page will be in the search results. There is info you need to consider before hand and these exchange tips make a good rule of thumb. Here is a list of three top sites to get you started. How does it maximize your Amazon ratings? Check here.

5. Addicted to Books has a few rules to abide by, like no erotica and it has to be under $5.99 but still it's free and a good resource to tout your book.

6. How about blasting your own book cover on t-shirts, coffee mugs or perhaps a tote? Cafe Press will let you design and sell your own things for FREE when you set up your own virtual store on their site, no charge of course. It's actually fun and your kids or friends can promo for you free of charge. They make great birthday gifts and hey you will make money from it as well!
7. TwitrL  serves up book teasers twice daily. At about 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM Eastern Time,the first line of a book, without the author's name or book title, but with a link to Amazon so readers can see what book the line is from.The posts are also available for subscription via RSS, Twitter, and email. On their site you will find the Canadian and UK versions of TwitrLit link to and respectively.
8. Facebook Events has dozens of launches daily.These are becoming more and more popular these days. Just go to the left side of your profile and click on events.You should have some invitations for different things already but you can schedule your own.  There are like parties, book releases, book signings, contest and the list goes on and on. You'd be crazy not to take advantage of this deal. One like event added over 200 likes to my fan page in 24 hours and you know... I was okay with that, lol.

 9. Announce your book signing for free in the community events page in your local newspaper. Scores of people look at that every day and if you say you will give away one free copy of your book or a free bookmark etc. you will be surprised at how many people show up.

10. Host your own Blog Talk Radio Show show, be interviewed or have your own internet tv show! Radio is a wonderful format to talk about your book, your future events and to interview other authors or be interviewed.You can listen to my radio interview here: Candy O'Donnell Blog Talk Radio. I also love Justin tv which steps it up if you want to broadcast your face. Personally, I like not putting on make up or doing my hair, lol. More time for writing and feeding the kiddies! Well, I hope you like my list. If you have any you want to share or to make a comment I'd be thrilled. In the meantime, check out my my book and social sites. Until next time, happy promoting!

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