Thursday, June 23, 2011

Near Death Experiences of the Celestial Kind

My character Marena Jacobs has a near death experience that sounds unbelievable when you first read it. Research however, shows that people really do encounter these startling journeys into the celestial realm. Interesting, I think that subjects always report seeing people that have deceased, never people who are alive. Then of course, there are reports of  the light, the tunnel, winged creatures {angels} Jesus and other similar encounters.

The most notable investigation I have ever read is Dr. Michael Sabom's recount of Pam Reynolds who was clinically dead as they repaired a deadly brain anyurism. Below is an excerpt that has extensively been documented in academic settings and has appeared in many scientific journals.  In Dr. Sabom's book "Light and Death," Pam Reynolds account is spell binding:

 "I noticed that as I began to discern different figures in the light - and they were all covered with light, they were light, and had light permeating all around them - they began to form shapes I could recognize and understand. I could see that one of them was my grandmother. I don't know if it was reality or a projection, but I would know my grandmother, the sound of her, anytime, anywhere.

Everyone I saw, looking back on it, fit perfectly into my understanding of what that person looked like at their best during their lives.

I recognized a lot of people. My uncle Gene was there. So was my great-great-Aunt Maggie, who was really a cousin. On Papa's side of the family, my grandfather was there ... They were specifically taking care of me, looking after me.

They would not permit me to go further ... It was communicated to me - that's the best way I know how to say it, because they didn't speak." Go to:
and I will guarantee you will be as facinated as I was. Had an experience yourself or know someone who has? I'd love to hear about it.Comment below.