Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Your Heart Will Go On

People experience depression at many different times in their lives. One of the most common for women is the break-up of their marriage. Such was my case and nothing anyone said or no matter how many therapy sessions I attended did I feel any hope for my future. After work, I rarely left my home, but this day my ordinary turned into an extraordinary event that impacted my life in ways I never dreamed of.

This morning, old memories were rushing at me like a freight train. I felt like jumping off a cliff. My mind wondered how I could stand even another day of this kind of emotional pain. I just drove for a while trying to forget my anguish. Finally, exhausted, I pulled up at my daughter’s house with tears streaking down my face. Then, I got out of the car and for an unknown reason my hand reached down and pulled out a rose colored, heart-shaped rock. I was surprised because it wasn’t visible when I reached down. It was totally hidden in the grass. It felt like my hand was guided there for some reason.

As I turned the stone over in my hand, I heard a voice clear as a bell inside my mind. ”Even though it’s crooked and nearly broken, it’s still a heart and still capable of love.” It was a simple message from a tiny heart-shaped rock placed in that exact spot for me to find. Life is not meant to be perfect! Do your best and remember that true love never dies! Love will always live inside you and give you the strength to go on!

That message turned my life around and I felt the clouds of despair that had followed me dissipate. I wanted to pass this message along to other people who had suffered from heartbreak as I had. So, I began writing. You know when you have good news you have to tell somebody! I wanted to weave this message into a paranormal love story.

My first novel, Radiance:Love after Death was released by XOXO Publishing in June of last year . Marena Jacobs is not your typical heroine. She’s divorced, overweight and a workaholic. She could be any of us! It deals with heartbreak and second chances. Radiance:Love after Death is a mix of paranormal, romance and inspiration all rolled up into one love story, all inspired by the rock that saved me.My heart has gone on to love so much more than I thought I ever could! I think you can be inspired too!

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