Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome Julie's Book Reviews!

Hello! I had a contest for the 700th person to like my Facebook page! I am always looking for new ways to promote and get the word out about my book and all the other fabulous writers I have met since being published. I thought it would be fun to interview the winner and let my readers get to know you. So, I want to introduce to you Julie Ramsey, who just so happens to be a book reviewer.

Julie, tell us a little about yourself and also when you decided to start Julie's Book Reviews.

As an adult I have been a avid reader. I just love getting into a good book and hearing about new characters. As a career, I am a Respiratory Therapist and work in a large community hospital. I love my job and what I do, but if I could find a way to make money at reviewing books I would be doing that. Carrie Ann Ryan got me started with my blog. I had just found her as an author. I read her first two books in the Redwood Pack series. I was waiting for book three and Carrie was giving it away book before it was released to a few lucky people. Carrie made a comment and said, "I would give it to you if you had a blog." She did give me a copy but it made me think, so I started looking into it then. That was in March of this year. I have been working on it every since. Still not quite how I want it, but getting closer.

What are the things you look for in a good read?
Anything that keeps my attention; I love action, romance, sex, whatever it is. Catch me from the beginning and keep my attention!

What genres do you review and what is your favorite?
My favorite is paranormal romance. But I will read anything fiction! That is the rule on the blog, any fiction. But it helps that I have a review team that helps me read. I get lots of requests and have several reviewers who help me with reviews.

Without naming a title, what was your worst rating given for a review and why?
I make it a rule of thumb if it is below 3 star rating it does not go on the site. If I can't rate it a 3 or better i will try one of the other reviews before I give up on a book. Everyone has there own opinion and way of looking at something. What I like, someone else might not and so on. My worst, was one I couldn't finish. It went to two other reviews before someone could get through it.

What authors influenced you when you were growing up?
I would have to say my first book that got me onto reading was Ender's Game by Orsen Scott Card. A scifi young adult book, that is still an awesome book and will be a movie next year. Christine Feehan's Dark series got me hooked into the Paranormal Romances.

Could you name us your top three number one reads?
That one is hard. Archeron by Sherilyn Kenyon I would have to say was the most intense book! Other series that I love are The Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward, The Redwood Pack by Carrie Ann Ryan, Christine Feehan's Dark series, Katie MacAlister’s, Dark One's and really anything by her. There are many many more though.

Do you have any pet peeves when you read a story?
Bad endings...don’t string me along and give a ending that doesn’t fit  (cliffhangers are ok) or end with a weak unrealistic ending for the story. When you invest time and heartache into a story if it’s not going to be a happy ending, then it has to be a strong ending.

Can you give us your link to your review site and how an author can get in touch with you?
My blog is juliesbookreview.blogspot.com. I am also on Goodreads, Twitter, FB, and Google +. My submission process and my fellow reviewers are all on my site along with how to contact me.
 Thanks, this was fun!

Thanks to Julie and ALL the reviewers who read our books!