Monday, January 14, 2013

Dance Anyone?

The Romance Dance 
                  by Debra Jayne East

Romance. What exactly does the word romance mean? I looked it up in the dictionary and these are some of the definitions it had; love affair, physical affair, spirit of adventure, fascination with something, story of love, love stories collectively, fictitious account.
What?!! Fictitious account? I laughed at that one, but it so describes what it’s all about for women and men {yes, I said men!} that read romance novels. In reality, reading romance is all those things and more and I want to talk about how they can contribute to the “romance dance” between real relationships in a good way. After being married, or in a long-term relationship, things can get boring and predictable. Change is what spices it up. In my research, I came up with the following conclusion, which says it loud and clear. Romance books fulfill a need and are here to stay! That’s why Stephanie Meyer’s books have generated 2.5 billion in worldwide ticket sales even though people have read the books and know what is going to happen! Here are five things that romance does for us.

1. Euphoria. We love the feeling of euphoria! One of the best things about love is the honeymoon period when you were first learning about each other. Books help us relive that feeling and to remember how it felt when that first kiss took place or the moment you first knew you were in love. Hey, the whole world swooned when Edward and Bella first kissed in the mega best seller, Twilight, by Stephanie Meyers.  It was awesome wasn’t it?

2. Escape. Readers love romance novels because of the “escape” it gives them. Walking around with baby spit up and oatmeal on your pants isn’t very glamorous. You might have worked fifty hours a week on your job and your husband wants to go play golf or hunting. Then you are left alone with two rowdy toddlers under five years old and a grouchy teenager that’s mad because you won’t let him get his eyebrows tinted purple. Romance stories transport us away from our everyday environment to far away historical settings like maybe a beautiful English castle in Scotland or romantic  hideaway in the mountains. The heroines may look like you’ve always wanted to look: fancy ball gowns, perfect figures to die for and have a prince charming that looks like he just walked off a photo shoot from GQ. Where as our own mates may wear the same old jeans, have bad haircuts or gained too many holiday pounds in all the wrong places just as we have. It’s nice to pretend and say what if…

3. Happy Endings. We’d be fooling ourselves if we said all our lives were perfect and we had great relationships. Most all romance stories have a happily ever after. Sometimes it might take a few sequels to get there but you’re almost always guaranteed a fairytale ending. As women and men we need that in our lives. Life is not perfect but it’s a relief to dwell somewhere that it is even if it’s just in our minds. It’s a great stress reliever.

4. Fantasy. Are you a soft-spoken homemaker who goes to PTA meetings and bakes cookies? Maybe you dream about being swept off your feet by a big burly motorcycle guy on a Harley? Or perhaps you fantasize about being the bell of the ball in a daring gown you would never wear in real life and being ravished the first night you meet. You would never ever do that in real life. It can certainly light your fire though! It takes us away from our lives and transports us to other realms and dimensions, all for the price of a few bucks. Cheap therapy huh?

5. Spice up a Relationship. Men would do well to know what their wives and girlfriends like romantically. Wonder why women don’t ever want to have sex? Maybe a few clues would help. One way to find out is to read a few of their romance books. Maybe, just maybe, the kinky stuff that Christian did in 50 Shades of Grey to Ana might score you the jackpot. Wives, maybe asking your husband to let you do a photo shoot of him for your personal collection dressed up like your favorite pirate might make him feel like Tom Jones incarnated. Books can revive your relationship!

So, what is the romance dance? It’s all the things we do to get romance. Reading a favorite book or watching a movie, sending flowers or giving a great back massage do wonders!
I do remember once time about a friend of mine complaining that his wife always had her head stuck in a book. As far as reading romance books, men should never complain about women reading too much romance. You become her romance novel and see if she does not want you before she ever picks up a book!
 Speaking of romance, my paranormal love story, Radiance: Love after Death has received great reviews from men and women. You can read the first two chapters for free in the look inside feature on Amazon and decide for yourself and well, there’s this one scene where he puts a blindfold on her while she’s in the tub and ah…well...I don’t want to spoil it for you. {Try it you might like it!} Hey, reading it is a good thing. It will help you get your dance on. Enjoy!

Something strange was happening in Lily Dale. Marena Jacobs went there to search for the one true man that she loved. David had vanished over a year ago and she was beginning to think he was gone forever. The small scrap of paper with angelic script was all she had to go on.

 Gabe, a man with psychic abilities befriends Marena and they stumble upon an incredible secret about the town’s people that no one would ever believe.

Gabe’s abilities are no match for Samuel though, who has powers of his own.  He is from an ancient sect of fallen angels called the Nephilim, and his one goal is to seduce Marena and destroy the love she has for David.

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