Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring is in the Air!


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Sunshine creeps in your window and a gentle breeze billows your curtains softly. The smell of lavender and honeysuckle soon drift into your nostrils and before you know it you're wide awake. Did that really happen last night, you wonder? You must of had one glass of wine too many.


Slowly you close your eyes and you visualize his face again. He takes your breath away just like last night when he kissed you. Should you have told him it had been years since you had been kissed? Probably not. No use making him feel sorry for you. Your lips still feel bruised from his passionate kisses. You remember how weak your knees were when he held you and you slow danced in front of the firelight. You hadn't danced with anyone in quite awhile. How could he know you needed to be held and to be loved again?


Did he know how good his hands felt in the small of your back when he pulled you to him? You never even realized he was anything more than a friend until this moment, this perfect spell binding moment when he captured your heart.


The day had started out so badly with everything hitting you all at once. You wondered how your life had gotten so far off track with the loss of your marriage and then having that horrible car accident. Could anyone be more needier than you? You sit up in bed and take a deep breath.


Quietly you get out of bed and walk over to the bathroom mirror and suddenly you blush. You just remembered the bath. Oh my goodness, you gasp as your hand flies to your mouth. He undressed you and put you in the tub when you were a sobbing hot mess of tears. His gentle touch and his kindness nearly had you undone with passion. Passion you hadn't felt in quite a while.


Your fingers brush your lips as you relive the taste of his mouth,the smell of his hair and the strength of his strong arms holding you in a tight embrace.You get dizzy just thinking of it. Even though you had scars from the accident, he said you were beautiful and you would never grow old to him.


Didn't he sound just like the perfect man? You think so, except for the fact he is blind. He is as capable as any man with sight as far as you are concerned. How could you be so lucky? Tentatively, you walk over to the window and inhale deeply. Spring is in the air. Anything could happen right?


The silence is shattered by the sharp ring. You walk over and grab the phone while you peruse the book opened up on your nightstand.


It's your best friend and she asks you what you are doing tonight.You laugh as your daydream fades and you close the book entitled, Radiance:Love after Death. You remember falling to sleep after a glass of wine and reading this sultry bath scene with a guy named David who was blind and the woman he falls in love with.


While she talks about her plans you are already scanning the next chapter in the book. She wants to know if you want to go out shopping tonight.


You pause and smile. "Actually, I have a date with a blind man."


You hang up the phone and close your eyes.Oh yes... I do I do!


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